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Newsletter March 2013

HE-LP is online

During the whole year 2012 the H.E.-L.P. project partners have intensively worked on the development of national version of the H.E.-L.P. platforms. Based on an open source content management system partners from AT, IT, FI, GR and TR have developed comprehensive versions of the online information and learning platform for their hospitals.

Austria has implemented a H.E.-L.P. platform for the Department for General Surgery of the Bruck/Mur District Hospital,
Finland has developed a platform for the municipal hospital of Pori, Italy a common platform for the University Hospital Ancona and the district hospital in Jesi, Greece worked for the Olympic Village Hospital in Athens and Turkey for the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases of a large public hospital in Ankara. On all five national platform versions comprehensive learning and information possibilities are provided with localised and customised information, combining text information, video, pictures and audio files.

The information logic and information design of all five platforms is similar and reflects the wishes of patients and hospital staff deducted from the initial H.E.-L.P. survey.

From August 2012 to December 2012 all national versions in AT, IT, FI, GR and TR have undergone a comprehensive testing phase with patients, relatives and friends of patients, medical staff and other staff of all hospitals involved. Nearly 300 feedback questionnaires have been received and analysed. The results have been fed into a finalisation process of every H.E.-L.P. platform national version. All versions are available in national language, English and two migrant languages in every country which results in H.E.-L.P. platforms available in English, German, Italian, Greek, Finnish, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian, Swedish, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Albanian, Azerbaijan and Arabic.

Finally the H.E.-L.P. partnership is proud to invite you to visit and use the national versions developed under: www.he-lp-austria.eu (AT), www.he-lp-italy.eu (IT), www.he-lp-greece.eu (GR), www.he-lp-finland.eu (FI), www.he-lp-turkey.eu (TR).

Handbook and guidelines support sustainable use of results

The sustainable use of the results and experiences developed in the H.E.-L.P. project is one of the major tasks of the partnership towards the project end. A crucial role of sustainability plays the H.E.-L.P. handbook and guidelines. This handbook contains the main experiences made as well as a step by step explanation how other health organisations can set up their own H.E.-L.P. platform.

Moreover the handbook contains the H.E.-L.P. prototype developed as a basis of every new platform on CD Rom. The handbook is available in the languages EN, DE, GR, IT, SE, FI and TR. Copies can be ordered at your nearest H.E.-L.P. partner organisations. The handbook is also available for download via the project website (www.he-lp.eu)

Final H.E.-L.P. conference on 8th of March 2013 – “The digital world of Hypokrates”

On the 8th of March 2013 the H.E.-L.P. project partners under the co-ordination of the District Hospital Bruck/Mur implemented the final conference in Graz, Austria. During teh conference a number of key note speeches as well as a podium discussion have been held on the matter of digital communication as well as learning and information platforms for health organisations in the future. During the conference all national H.E.-L.P. versions have been presented to the public. Moreover the conference provided a key note speech of Prof. Vivian Vimarlund, professor for health informatics from Sweden about the future of the digital world of Hypokrates.

Documentation as well as presentations held at the conference are available for download via the project website at www.he-lp.eu

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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