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European Survey Report

The H.E.-L.P. project follows as main objective to approach the communication channels between hospitals its staff as well as patients and other stakeholders and involved groups in the different European countries. The current situation shows that hospitals as crucial players and institutions in the health system have huge improvement possibilities in their communication activities related to their patients. The main objective of the H.E.-L.P. project is therefore to use the possibilities of modern and advanced information and communication technology to provide a communication and learning platform for patients, hospital staff and everyone involved in the health system.

HE-LP European Survey - Citizens and Potential Patients

HE-LP European Survey - Medical and Health Care Staff

HE-LP Website Analysis Grid

HE-LP Key Factor Collection

The project partners started an in depth discussion about the results of the survey, the feedback received which lead into a collection of key factors both on content as well as on didactical / technical level that form the basis of the following phase of platform development in a master version. On the following pages the results of the performed key factor collection will be presented in brief. More detailed information about the single factors, its background and characteristics can be found in the European Survey report of the H.E.-L.P. project.

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HE-LP March 2013 Conference Registration Form

HE-LP March 2013 Conference Invitation

Die KAGes und das Landeskrankenhaus Bruck/Mur freuen sich, Sie im Namen der gesamten H.E.-L.P. Projektpartnerschaft zur Europäischen Konferenz "The digital world of Hippocrates" einzuladen.

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