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Newsletter May 2012

What patients really want

Within the first months of implementation the partnership of the H.E.-L.P. project devised a comprehensive survey asking potential patients as well as hospital staff (physicians, nurses and administrative staff) about what information they would like to receive and provide related to health issues, practical information about the hospital etc. Also the target groups were asked in the survey about which methods of communication (especially IT based communication) they would prefer and what opportunities they would appreciate. In the partner countries (AT, DE, FI, GR, SE, IT and TR) a total of 270 interviewees were asked about these crucial issues to form a solid information basis for the development of the information and learning platform in the H.E.-L.P. project. In addition to this the partnership analysed more than 100 hospital websites identified in the partner countries. The results received have been channelled into a European Survey document, which is now available to download via the project website.

The results received showed that the information needs of patients and hospital staff are very similar. The most important issues are:

  • healthy lifestyle issues (nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing, stress prevention, depression and burnout syndrome)
  • diagnosis procedures offered in the particular hospital
  • medical treatment methods offered in the particular hospital / department (including personal risks attached, time needed and outcomes)
  • care and rehabilitation provision
  • general information about the hospitals of the region.


In addition to this the survey showed clearly that there is a need for online interaction between patients and the hospital (e.g. online appointment facility etc.) and that patients would trust highly a learning platform offered by a local or regional hospital for them, given that there is a great deal of health information available online which can lead to a lot of mistrust and problems for patients, and this is an important factor and added value factor of the H.E.-L.P. learning platform. Moreover the analysis of hospital websites also showed that more than 95% of websites analysed do not currently satisfy the needs of their patients and hospital staff.

Please feel free to download the whole European Survey from the project website.

Development of a learning and information platform

On the basis of the results received from the European Survey the H.E.-L.P. project partnership identified the most crucial learning issues and topics together with basic key criteria and factors for the technical implementation of the envisaged learning and information platform.
From October 2011 to March 2012 the project partners will be working on the development of the master version of the learning and information platform, which will set the framework for all national platform versions, that will follow during the course of the project. The platform will provide learning and information opportunities about the issues raised in the European survey and will also reflect the wishes of patients and staff in relation to online communication methods.

From April 2012 partners will start to develop their national version of the H.E.-L.P. learning and information platform.

During the next partnership meeting in Berlin from 23rd to 25th May 2012, the project partners will evaluate the national versions and prepare the pilot and test implementation in the national hospitals in AT, GR, IT and TR. Access to the national versions of the H.E.-L.P. information and learning platforms will be possible via the project website.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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