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Newsletter May 2011

Improving communication between hospitals and people – the main aim of the H.E.-L.P. project

Funded through the European Union’s Programme for Lifelong Learning the H.E.-L.P. project aims mainly at the improvement of
communication between hospitals across Europe and citizens. Within the context of an ageing population, increasing cases of chronic diseases and spiraling costs within the health system, providers are challenged to find new ways for co-operation and communication with people and patients.


Providing information and communication portals making use of internet-based technologies, particularly web 2.0, is the new
challenge for the health system.

Eight European organisations (hospitals, health providers, higher education providers, consultancy organisations etc.) from seven countries (AT, DE, GR, FI, IT, SE and TR) have started to implement a two year co-operation project to build an information exchange portal for hospitals and health organisations throughout Europe.

On the basis of an in-depth European survey of citizens / patients as well as staff from the health care systems of all the countries involved in the project, critical factors and main content priorities for the information exchange portal will be extracted and channelled into a master version of the portal. This master version will then be customised to create national versions to be tested in real situations by the participating organisations.

The main results and outputs of the H.E.-L.P project will be:

  • European survey about communication between patients and hospitals
  • Master version of an information exchange portal for hospitals in Europe
  • National versions of the portal for AT, GR, IT, FI, SE and TR
  • Pilot implementation of the H.E.-L.P. portal in these countries
  • H.E.-L.P handbook with guidelines and quality standards for hospitals
  • H.E.-L.P. award for hospitals fulfilling the quality standards in their communication policyv
  • Project website materials

Migration - challenge for hospitals

For many European countries mass migration is a quite new and challenging phenomenon which is also leading to new situations and approaches in the health systems. In particular the language barrier connected with this migration phenomenon appears to be a huge challenge for health systems, and health providers must respond with appropriate
communication strategies.


This is the reason why the H.E.-L.P. project’s central focus is on this challenge, and the information exchange portals will also be provided in the two main minority languages of the participating countries.

More information about the project

For more information about the project and its results and outputs please regularly visit the project website at www.he-lp.eu.

The website will be frequently updated and will also provide the access link to the information exchange portal once it has been developed.

Contact your nearest project partner

If you would like more detailed information about the project please also contact your nearest partner in the consortium:

Landeskrankenhaus Bruck/Mur
Mr. Rudolf Schrittwieser
Email: rudolf.schrittwieser@lkh-bruck.at
URL: www.lkh-bruck.at

INIT Developments Ltd.
Mr. Michael Schwaiger
Email: michael.schwaiger@init-developments.eu
URL: www.init-developments.eu

Karier Oy
Mr. Kari Löytökorpi
Email: kari.loytokorpi@karier.fi
URL: www.karier.fi

National School of Public Health
Ms. Elisabeth Ioannidi
Email: eioannidi@esdy.edu.gr
URL: www.esdy.edu.gr

Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Ospedali Riuniti
Mr. Roberto Penna
Email: r.penna@ospedaliriuniti.marche.it
URL: www.ospedaliriuniti.marche.it

Zona Sanitaria Territoriale 5 di Jesi ASUR
Mr. Claudio Martini
Email: claudio.martini@sanita.marche.it
URL: www.asurzona5.marche.it

Jonköping International Business School
Ms. Vivian Vimarlund
Email: vivian.vimarlund@ihh.hj.se
URL: www.jibs.se

Provincial Health Directorate of Ankara
Ms. Talihanur Aydoğmus
Email: asmproje@gmail.com
URL: www.asm.gov.tr


The H.E.-L.P. project partnership is currently working on the implementation of the European survey in the participating countries, the preliminary results and deductions of which will be available in September, when the survey report will also be finalised.

From 21 to 24 September 2011 the partnership will hold its next project meeting in Ancona/Italy.
The project’s next newsletter is planned to be published around the end of 2011, with its main content dealing with the master version of the information exchange portal, which by then will be available for testing.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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